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How it Works

If it's your first time experiencing coaching, here's how it works to set up coaching sessions, and what a typical session might be like. If you still have questions, check out my FAQs.

Setting up Sessions

1. Free Strategy Call

First, attend a 1-hour call with me to check what you need from coaching, if we are the right fit, and have your questions answered.

2. Book Coaching Plan

Choose from one of my pricing plans and book online.

3. Schedule Sessions

Easily book and manage your sessions online in a fast, easy and comfortable way.

4. Start Coaching

Come to your first 'official' coaching session with a goal/ topic in mind for us to explore.

5. Close Coaching

Once you have achieved your coaching goal, we close the coaching sessions. 

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Setting up Coaching Sessions
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A Typical Session

There are no 'typical' coaching sessions, as it depends on what you need from it. I am trained to be flexible and adapt to your needs. Here are some different elements you might see in our sessions:


  1. Coaching has a goal, so I help you establish a clear focus for the session(s).

  2. We explore the topic and your awareness with questioning, reflection, and more.

  3. I provide a safe and confidential space for you to reflect, think and plan.

  4. I might suggest optional resources which could help your growth between sessions.

  5. You set objectives for what action you are going to take after the call.

  6. I can provide accountability, as requested.

  7. I am an unbiased partner to guide you on the path to growth and success.

A 'Typical' Session

Still have questions?

That's what the free strategy call is for. Book a time below.

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